Grappling Hook Location – Green Hell

Here's where to find one of the most useful tools in Green Hell

Green Hell - Grappling Hook - feature

Green Hell is one of the most popular survival simulators on Steam, and to survive and make further progress, players will need the Green Hell Grappling Hook gun. Finding it will be hard and complicated, but in this guide, players will know where to look and more, so read on.

What is the Grappling Hook in Green Hell?

The grappling hook is a necessary tool for reaching higher ledges in Green Hell. Players will not be able to interact with the hook unless they are using it to access one of the climbing locations on the map and is not lost upon death as well.

Where to find the Grappling Hook in Green Hell?

Starting from the Shelter, call Mia and talk to her. Afterwards, head east to cross a few rivers and climb a few logs you’ll hit a wall with a ‘climbing place’, which requires a grappling hook to get up. Players will then get the mission “Explore the jungle to find the Grappling Hook“.

Call Mia once more and head north to the Shrine. Climb through and head right, then keep going forward until you hit a dirt road. Follow the path ahead till you reach the small bridge beside the broken-down jeep. Talk to Mia about it and collect all the fuel.

Now, go Northeast and once you reach a cliff that overlooks a large area, head into a gold mine where you’ll find an elevator that heads down to the forest floor. Use the fuel on the generator and then head down.¬†Call Mia once more and report what happened.

Upon reaching the grounds of the mine, walk down the wooden path till players see a dig site of some kind. Look at the site and on a bench, the grappling hook can be found. With this, players can progress to Lambda-2 and explore the world of Green Hell.

How to Use the Grappling Hook in Green Hell?

After obtaining the hook, players can use this item to go down into the shallow mines, or climb up mountain ledges. It can also be combined with another climbing equipment for a faster and safer climb.

And that’s our guide on where to find the grappling hook in Green Hell. Hope you guys enjoy this guide and if you are interested, check out our other Green Hell-related articles.

Also watch this video by Epokk showing how to get the Grappling Hook in Green Hell: