Grounded Release Date Finally Revealed

We're finally getting the full launch!

Obsidian Entertainment is proud to announce the Grounded release date after years in development.

Grounded Release Date

The open-world action-adventure game launched in early access way back in mid-2020. Obsidian Entertainment has since then released update after update for it which fixed, changed, and added content to the game which were mostly meaningful. Now, they are now happy to announce that they will be making some final touches to the game before it fully launches publicly. It will now fully launch on PC and Xbox consoles this coming September 27, 2022.

Thanking the Fans

The announcement comes from Grounded Game Director Adam Brennecke in a new short video just recently. It was to celebrate of the game’s second early access launch anniversary. He thanked the fans for playing the game and helped them guide its direction over the past two years. He then revealed the release date of the full launch, which was September 27, 2022.

Upcoming Update

The developers will release the final update to the game’s public testing servers first. Update 0.14.0 will introduce new features like Gnat pet, the Cookery building, revamp of the army and armor upgrade system, and more. This will be just a small piece of what is to come to the final version of the game, but the developers will be using these last few months of early access to complete the game.

Brennecke also revealed the upcoming Grounded TV show that is currently in development.

Grounded release date crossplay featured image

Grounded will fully launch this coming September 27, 2022.