GTA Online Removes Over 150 Cars with Few of Them Behind a Paywall

Players will now have to subscribe first before gaining access to these cars.

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Rockstar has removed nearly 200 cars from GTA Online and has moved some of them behind a paywall.

Before the launch of the popular online game’s new San Andreas Mercenaries update, Rockstar announced that it would remove some cards from the game’s shop. It was not clear at that time how many cars would be removed and what would happen to them afterward.

GTA Online Cars Behind Paywall

Today, the latest update has now removed 180 cars from the shop and now they are behind a paywall. Rockstar says that it would streamline the shopping experience for players. These cars will be available occasionally in other ways and can only be purchased by members of the GTA Online+ subscription service. This meant these cars are now behind a paywall, which means players will need to pay first before they could even touch these cars. This has now angered a lot of fans.

Once Subscribed, Get the Benefits

These cars were once easily accessible to all players via in-game currency. With the latest update, they can only be available once the players pay a monthly fee for the membership, which is ridiculous. There is one good thing from this: players who have bought the subscription after this and then bought the cars, will now have forever access to it even if the subscription has elapsed.

GTA Online is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.