Gulf War Game Boy Retires from Nintendo New York Store

No word if it is coming back.

The iconic Gulf War Game Boy has been removed and is no longer on display at the Nintendo New York store.

The Gulf War Game Boy is an iconic console that has survived a bombing during the Gulf War. It has been on display at the Nintendo New York store until recently. It originally belonged to Dr. Stephan Scoggins, a medic who got deployed during Operation Desert Storm in 1990-1991. The front of the Game Boy got completely burnt, but it could still turn on. It got displayed in the store as proof of the system’s durability and Dr. Scoggins got a replacement as a special Desert Storm courtesy.

The Game Boy console remained turned on at the store for over 30 years, and after only receive a screen replacement and new batteries when needed. It only played Tetris.

The handheld console has now been removed from the store and no longer on display. Twitter user VideoGameArt&Tidbits shared this news online after asking a staff member about the console. It was revealed that it has now returned to the Nintendo US headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It is not clear if it will come back to the store again.