Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Leaked Footage Spotted Online

Leak reveals an interesting detail in gameplay.

A new leaked video of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has been spotted online.

Media outlet VGC has verified this new leaked footage and confirmed it is from closed testing that is currently taking place for the game on PC. The video cannot be posted online because it is against the rules of the closed test’s NDA. There was also a clip uploaded on YouTube but it got taken down by Warner Bros.

The video that VGC verified confirmed that players could either play as a created character or choose from a number of characters from the Harry Potter series. This includes famous ones like Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Cho Chang.

In the highly-rated 2023 Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy, the fantasy sport has been announced to be canceled according to the head at that time. The game, however, did have broom flight and a Quidditch pitch next to the school, but the sport itself was not available. It was widely speculated that this upcoming new game will be the one to satisfy the fans who were looking for the sport.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has been in development for several years now at Unbroken Studios. Unfortunately, there is still no release date for it.