Helldivers 2 Co-Op and Combat Gameplay Details Released

Prep before battle!

Arrowhead Game Studios has recently released new details Helldivers 2 co-op and combat gameplay.

Helldivers 2 Prep Before Battle

Players will be controlling a Helldiver and will be frozen first before arriving at their destination. On arrival, they get defrosted and will have to prepare for a mission by customizing their armor, weapons, and stratagems together.

By changing weapons, players will make them suit the mission and enemy types that they might encounter. Stratagems are useful in battles and can be summoned with short button combinations. They can use airstrikes, Hellpods, and many more.

Armored enemies like the Terminid Charger can be defeated easily with piercing weapons like the AT-48 Recoilless Rifle or the AC-8 Autocannon. These can be equipped for the player or another squadmates.

Stratagems Could Save Lives

Once a Hellpod lands on a planet, players can call in support stratagems which will include more powerful weapons, shield generators and supply backpacks.

Each member of the squad can play according to their own style. They can charge into the fight, others can call down a sniper rifle stratagem and maintain a safe distance while picking off the enemies. They can sneak past encounters if the team moves carefully. Players can freely decide how they can spread Managed Democracy: up close and personal, or with tactical oversight.

Get Used to Death

Death is frequent in this game too. Enemy hordes will be relentless, players might get hit by friendly-fire, and many more dangers. If one dies, time to call another Helldiver with the Reinforce stratagem and then continue. They can also pick up the guns left on the corpse.

There are cooperative objectives to complete. Share locations with each other to move together across the map. There are also optional objectives to complete which require a small detour with teammates and requires more ammunition. The rewards are high though.

Helldivers 2 launches on PC and PS5 later this year.