How Long to Beat & Complete Hi-Fi Rush

How long is Hi-Fi Rush? Game length & How Many Chapters

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Hi-Fi Rush is the newest game to come out from Bethesda Softworks made by the devs at Tango Gameworks. Even though it’s just days old and without many promotional trailers prior to its release, Hi-Fi RUSH has already gained much interest with the gaming community, thanks to its colorful and fun art style, set in a world that moves in a synchronous beat.

The story follows a young lad named Chai who snuck into the Vandelay robotics facility in the hopes of his own prosthetic arm to replace his broken arm. Because of some chance accident, his favorite music player fell down on his chest just right before the prosthesis process began. This caused the player to fuse into his prosthesis, giving him the power to get in sync with the beat of the world. He then uses this power to fight through the robots who try to seize him.

How Long is Hi-Fi RUSH?

Completing just the campaign for Hi-Fi Rush will take around 8-12 hours of gameplay. The story of Hi-Fi RUSH is divided into five chapters or tracks which will take an hour or more to complete, depending on how good you are at landing the beats and clearing the enemies.

Hi-Fi Rush Chapter List:

  • Track 1: A Fresh Start
  • Track 2: Power Up
  • Track 3: Trial By (Volcanic) Fire
  • Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems
  • Track 5: Breaking Out!

How Long to Complete Hi-Fi RUSH?

Completing Hi-Fi Rush may take you around 15-20 hours if you are the type of player that wants to see all the nooks and crannies of a game and obtain all of its secrets. It may even take more than that if you’re gunning to get all the achievements which include objectives such as doing perfect parries, taking no damage, and completing the game on Very Hard difficulty.

Check out this video by Rubhen925 showing how to complete Track 1 of Hi-Fi RUSH:

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