Hitman 2 Briefcase Kill Was Not Actually Intentional

Hitman 2 is back io interactive

Remember that time where many players on Hitman 2 went nuts after they found out that they could kill guards with a briefcase? IO Interactive recently confessed the truth in an interview.

IO Interactive Communications Manager Travis Barbour shared some secrets all about the briefcase kill in part 2.

Barbour confessed that the briefcase kill was not actually intentional and was really a bug. He continues:

The whole thing with the briefcase – it was a bug! It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Nobody put it in there, it was some quirk tied to the frame rate of your PC or something. But then we saw it and were like, you know what, just keep it there. It doesn’t really make sense to patch it – it’ll take us time, and someone will have to fix it… we could just leave it for a little bit, and then we brought it back as a feature, as a bit of a joke. That was fun.

So that player who called it out that it was overpowered and looked like it was a bug, he was right all along. IO Interactive just thought it looked fun and just kept it there for the funsies and it seemed to be they just got a bit lazy fixing it. It did wonders though and a lot of videos came out from it.

Barbour also shared that the first trailer where Agent 47 killed his target with a fish was a phenomenal hit with the fans. Everyone wanted to try it out and then there was the flamingo too.

It seems like IO Interactive had a lot of fun developing Hitman 2.

The game is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Interview source: VG247