Hitman 3 Will Get Ray Tracing Update for Xbox Series X/S Soon

Hitman III

IO Interactive Chief Technology Officer Maurizio de Pascale recently spoke with Xbox Wire in regards to the upcoming update for just-released video game Hitman 3.

According to de Pascale, the launch date was just the beginning of their journey. Later on, the team will be adding more features to the game and one of that is something that the Xbox Series X/S offers: ray tracing support. Currently, they are working on the RT Technology for the renderer in their Glacier engine. If it gets ready, then they will bring it to the Xbox Series X/S hardware later on.

The current version of Hitman 3 does not support ray tracing features on any platform, but IO Interactive is hard at work to make that happen. They are still making sure it will be stable on most platforms.

The chief technology officer also stated that the Xbox Series X/S consoles will offer a new generation of cinematic experiences. It will make gameplay and storytelling blend seamlessly with this technology.

Hitman 3 is now available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch (cloudbased), PS VR, and PC.

Source: Xbox Wire