Hogwarts Legacy Players Accuses Devs Lying About Story Content

Developers grossly exaggerated certain features, accuses the fans.

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Some Hogwarts Legacy players are now accusing Portkey Games of lying about in-game content.

Players have recently vented their frustration online with the developers over their “false promises” in regard to in-game content. They claim that these promises “grossly exaggerated” some of the gameplay options.

Way back in February 2023, the game gained a lot of praise due to its content. It earned a lot of positive reviews from players whether they were big fans of the Harry Potter universe or just regular gamers. They loved the game, but there were others who were worried that some promises that the developers made would not be fulfilled.

Way back when the game launched, Portkey Games was interviewed and they said that players’ decisions outside of classes could “manipulate the main campaign by virtue of the experience they’ve had.” That meant players interacting with other NPCs outside the school would somehow affect the main campaign in a way.

Recently, a player posted on Reddit to ask everyone whether the developers had made the feature come true, or were just “grossly exaggerated or even straight-up false”. Many had actually agreed that this was simply not true at all.

One comment stated: “Straight up false. There are no repercussions in this game whatsoever. Nothing is interconnected.” Another one accuses that the developers lied and the promises over exaggerated. “NPCs with quests have different background dialogue depending on how you were.”

Some did argue that there were instances that players made a decision in an NPCs quest to have affected down the line, but they were only minor stuff. Most of it actually just affected the NPCs that gave the quest and the other characters that interacted with them at certain times. These did not make a big impact on the main narrative.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.