Honkai Star Rail Collab with Mann Hann in PH

Experiencing the Honkai Star Rail x Mann Hann: Theme Restaurant Collab in the Philippines

Honkai Star Rail Collab with Mann Hann in PH

Have you ever dreamt of eating food from Honkai: Star Rail? It’s Time to Feast at the Astral Express Pit Stop! Honkai: Star Rail is on a global culinary journey with restaurant collaborations in multiple countries. In this thrilling collab that has set the food scene abuzz, Honkai Star Rail has teamed up with Mann Hann, one of the most beloved Chinese restaurants in the Philippines.

Collab Event Period: October 11 to November 14, 2023
Event Location: Mann Hann, 3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center, Pasig, PH

In the bustling heart of the city, a remarkable dining experience awaits those who have journeyed through the imaginative worlds of miHoYo’s gaming universe. Together, they have crafted an extraordinary culinary experience that transports you into the enchanting world of the game – a gastronomic adventure inspired by the latest sensation from the creators of Genshin Impact.

Our team at Sirus Gaming had the opportunity to enjoy being part of this fantastic collaboration having been invited to the launch of this event. In this article, we’ll share our firsthand experience with fellow game fans.

Mann Hann, known for its delectable Chinese cuisine, has joined forces with the gaming phenomenon Honkai Star Rail to create a dining haven unlike any other. Step through the doors of Mann Hann and find yourself immersed in a visually stunning representation of the Honkai Star Rail universe.

Located on the 3rd Floor of Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Mann Hann has decorated their store with tons of Honkai Star Rail-themed designs from posters to tableware and more. The restaurant’s interior is a visual feast, adorned with intricate character-themed artwork and dynamic lighting for Honkai Star Rail fans. Everything about these decors says that the Honkai Star Rail universe is forever expanding and fans will expect more collabs locally here in the Philippines.

The culinary offerings at Mann Hann left an indelible impression. With a menu inspired by the in-game dishes, we were treated to a live presentation of the very food we’ve come to love in Honkai: Star Rail. Priced at approximately 600 PHP per set, diners had the opportunity to savor some of the game’s most cherished dishes and drinks:

  • Set A: Succulent Tenderloin Bits served alongside Fried Rice, the comforting Maki Soup, and a refreshing Wintermelon Milktea.
  • Set B: Crispy Chicken Fillet Burger paired with Coleslaw, Dragon’s Eye (a meat dumpling shaped like an eye with a round slice of carrot underneath), and a zesty Fizzy Fruit Soda.
  • Set C: Savory Prawn and Broccoli Pasta, Wild Herb Soup, and a Color-changing Lemonade.

During our visit, my companion and I decided to explore Sets A and B, along with a few delectable sides. To our delight, the hosts of the event generously provided us with complimentary side dishes, including Pork Money Bags and the delectable Breaded Shrimp. Everything on the menu was cooked perfectly and the friendly service from the waiters and the host was so inviting and enjoyable that it made me want to come back every week.

Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Every Meal Purchase

Your meal in Mann Hann is not just a feast for your taste buds but it’s an opportunity to dive into the Hoyoverse and receive amazing rewards:

Special Holographic Ticket – After enjoying a delightful collab set meal, simply complete the in-store social media posting activity as mentioned in the store’s announcement. The special holographic ticket comes with virtual item codes and offers a choice between two exciting versions. Hurry, as these tickets are in limited supply, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Weekend Special Promo – During the collab period, make your weekends extra special by ordering two custom meals. To avail of this promo, complete the designated task in the in-store or social media posting for that week. Get a chance to be receive an exclusive Honkai: Star Rail collaboration stand, available in limited daily quantities, and only until supplies last.

Meal Lucky Draw – When you purchase a custom meal, snack, or exclusive merchandise, you automatically enter a lucky draw. Get a chance to win a coveted Gourmet Sailing Badge-Pom edition.

Also Shop for Honkai: Star Rail exclusive merchandise within the store:

  • Cross-Industry Collaboration Stand: 860.00 php
  • Cross-Industry Collaboration Badge Pom-Pom: 170.00 php
  • Honkai: Star Rail Acrylic Stand Character Portraits: 670.00 php
  • Honkai: Star Rail Acrylic Pendants: 295.00 php
  • Honkai: Star Rail Metal Badges: 170.00 php
  • Metal Badge Light Cone Portraits: 145.00 php
  • Honkai: Star Rail Acrylic Art Board: 560.00 php

Each purchase entitles you to a limited edition headband, a Honkai: Star Rail collaboration postcard style 1, and a whimsical Wubbaboo Balloon.

While some of these items are given as complimentary gifts, others are available for purchase at Mann Hann. This straightforward yet captivating marketing approach aims to introduce both loyal fans and newcomers to the captivating world of Honkai Star Rail. The clever approach certainly caught my attention, making me want to buy more of their products.

We also had the privilege of meeting with the event’s organizer. He shared his excitement about how this event not only holds promise for every gamer and fan of the Hoyoverse but also hints at future possibilities for collaborations with local stores worldwide, including right here in the Philippines.

As Honkai Star Rail continues to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide, the restaurant offers a unique opportunity to be part of the phenomenon. Mann Hann promises to be a must-visit destination for fans, gamers, and food enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable and immersive dining adventure. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the world of miHoYo’s gaming creations, this restaurant provides a captivating space to explore, taste, and connect with its extraordinary fusion of art, culture, and cuisine.

This remarkable collaboration not only invites players and fans to savor the taste of the Hoyoverse but also presents a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the game’s captivating world outside the digital realm.

Honkai: Star Rail Collab with Mann Hann

Overall, our experience was nothing short of delightful, and we sincerely hope that fans in the Philippines will relish the offerings of this remarkable collaboration. We encourage enthusiasts from around the world to partake in this celebration. So, if you ever find yourself hungry for adventure and craving a taste of the extraordinary, or if you’re excited to discover what this collaboration has to offer, don’t miss your chance to visit the Mann Hann branch at Robinsons Galleria. This exclusive event will be running for a limited time, starting from October 11, 2023, until November 14, 2023.