Honkai Star Rail Possibly Launching Next Year

It could be true.

A new leak has recently revealed the possible release window of the upcoming mobile game Honkai Star Rail.

This possible release window was recently leaked on a Chinese iPad promotional video that was shown on the official Apple website. There was a section of the video where it showed gameplay of Honkai Star Rail and for a few seconds, it showed the release window. It was shown on this new link but now the date was removed and now only shows gameplay footage.

No official statement has been released by HoYoVerse yet. If the leak is true, then their promise to launch sometime this year will be broken. This is still good news as interested players will now be given a heads-up before they could fully invest in the game.

Honkai Star Trail has already done two Closed Beta Tests. It was also shown in the recent Tokyo Games Show 2022 with a new trailer.

Honkai Star Trail possibly launching in 2023 for mobile devices.