Honkai Star Rail Pre Registration Has Now Begun

Register now and unlock more rewards!

HoYoVerse has now started the Honkai Star Rail pre-registration and it will give out rewards for joining and reaching some milestones.

Honkai Star Rail is the newest mobile and PC game that features a gacha system with new characters. It is a turn-based RPG with similar character designs as the other HoYoVerse games but with its own flair: traveling the stars.

By pre-registering accounts, players will be able to earn rewards from various tears that need to be unlocked by reaching milestones. Also, by pre-registering, they already start with 20 chances to pull on the gacha system for rare characters.

Here is the list of tiers to unlock:

  • Credit x 50,000 – 500,000 Registrants
  • Star Rail Pass X 3 – 1 million Registrants
  • “Trailblazer – Welcome” Avatar – 2 million Registrants
  • 4-Star Character Serval x 1 – 3.5 million Registrants
  • Star Rail Pass x 15 – 5 million Registrants

There are also rewards for all social media accounts’ followers to reach 2.5 million in total which are Star Rail Pass x 2 and Credit x 50,000.

honkai star rail

Honkai Star Rail launches on PC and mobile devices soon.