Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 Introduces New Area and Characters to Pull

Fans will be in for a big surprise when the next major update drops!

HoYoverse has recently announced the official details of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 “Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins”.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 Highlights

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 “Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins” will launch on August 30, 2023. This new update will introduce a new area, Exalting Sanctum’s previously bustling commercial hub “Aurum Alley”. The Simulated Universe gets a major update and three new characters will be added to the roster.

HoYoverse has also announced that the Trailblaze Power cap will finally be enhanced and allow players to store surplus power for extended challenges.

Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins Story

In version 1.3, the main story continues with Jing Yuan and Dan Heng uniting together to vanquish Phantylia and resolve the Ambrosial Arbor crisis. The team will now help with the recovery effort to help the community get their lives back on track. In this update, a new area called Aurum Alley will be introduced. Trailblazers can weigh in by employing strategic logistics planning and efficient cargo organization to shape the alley’s destiny back to its former glory.

Simulated Universe Major Update

Herta’s renowned Simulated Universe undergoes a remarkable upgrade with the introduction of “The Swarm Disaster”, which names after a swarm catastrophe from ages ago that Tayzzyronth, the Aeon of Propagation, caused. Players can uncover details between Tayzzyronth and other Aeons by navigating through dynamically generated domains, face various challenges along the way, and more. They can also unlock the new “Path of Propagation” in it.

Three New Playable Characters

Dan Heng

Three new playable characters will be added with the new update. First is Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae who is Dan Heng’s true form. He will join the cast as a five-star Imaginary-Type character following the Path of Destruction. “Imbibitor Lunae is a title passed down as part of the Vidyadhara high elder succession, once belonged to Dan Heng’s previous incarnation, Dan Feng, a member of the High-Cloud Quintet. Dan Heng IL displays a unique specialty by consuming multiple Skill Points to unleash powerful abilities. Players can use this feature to enhance Dan Heng’s basic attack up to three consecutive times. Depending on the number of enhancements triggered, the basic attacks will transform into different forms. Dan Heng IL’s Ultimate deals Imaginary damage to a single target and adjacent enemies, while also receiving a fixed amount of Squama Sacrosancta to offer the consumption of Skill Points.

Fu Xuan

Xianzhou Luofu, Fu Xuan, will debut on the playable roster. She possesses the mysterious omniscia on her forehead, an instrument enabling her to calculate every move in advance, Fu Xuan is a Quantum-Type five-star character following the Path of Preservation. Her skillsets bestow a variety of effects such as damage reduction and health points reversal via her Talent, absorbs damages for her allies via Skill, and unleashes Quantum damage on all enemies via her Ultimate.


Lynx is the younger and third sibling of the Landau family. She is a four-star character with an innate fascination for the outside world. All those times with the incident that happened before, she was out there exploring the Snow Plains. During combat, as a Quantum-Type character following the Path of Abundance, Lynx uses various healing abilities that are helpful in tight situations.

PS5 Version Update

Lastly, Honkai: Star Rail will finally come to PS5 in Q4 of 2023. It will include cross-save and cross-play functions that will allow players to enjoy their game progress across different platforms with more accessibility.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.3 launches on August 30, 2023 on PC and mobile devices. It will also be featured at Gamescom 2023.