Hoptron 5000 on Android and iOS

Indie studio RoboSauce Games has announced their first game, “Hoptron 5000” – A Samurai Robot Ninja Bunny on a Rampage! – for Android and iOS

The Evil Magic Man jerk-face has stolen your delicious burrito and sent you to evil giant Nazi food world, where you’ll have to fight to survive against waves of Nazi enemies and epic boss battles. Upgrade your way to ultimate badassery, unlocking magical skills and items to help you decimate the countless evil Nazis you meet along your way.

Hoptron5000_1 Hoptron5000_2 Hoptron5000_3

The Magic Man expects you to die like an idiot, and has no trouble reminding you of this every chance he gets, but don’t give up! Play the daily Hop Arena challenge against other real players to unlock Hoptron’s ultimate ability, and get yourself that much closer to revenge. Slice through 12 levels of intense, 2d classic side-view action. Groove to the awesome 16-bit music, as you defeat over 35 types of enemies and bosses. If you do manage to beat the game you’ll discover the greatest secret in video game history, the Magic Man’s secret identity!

Hoptron 5000 is a wacky, intense, hilarious, and fun-focused game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hoptron gets back to the basics of what makes games enjoyable. It has no energy system to limit play, no required internet connection, no forced ads, and no forced social network sharing. What it does have is heart and personality, with a focus on making the player smile!
Now go get your burrito back!

View the trailer here: