How to Breed Rare Monsters in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Rare Monsters in My Singing Monsters

Rare monsters are a type of breed that is found in My Singing Monsters. They share the same traits as common monsters but take a long time to breed, have different likes and dislikes and different egg types, and can generate resources players need for their progress. In this guide for My Singing Monsters, players will learn more about how to breed them and more, so read on.

All Rare Monsters Found in My Singing Monsters

So far since the latest update, there have been only Natural, Fire, Ethereal, Seasonal, Magical, and Mythical monsters that have a rare within their class, including Supernatural. However, legendary, Dipsters, Wublins, and Celestials are the only classes that don’t have rare types. Players will need to remember that Rare can only be bought or bred if there is an active event occurring in the game, so players need to be active upon hearing any info about the game in their newsfeed.

How to Breed Rare Monsters

As stated, rare monsters can only be bred or bought during events. Players will need to remember the following key points upon breeding these types of monsters in order for them to have these monsters in their care.

  • Rare monsters with 2 or more elements can be bred the same way as normal monsters, and they require either common or rare parents that are level 4 or higher. For players who wish to focus on single rare elements, there are specific combinations that are required using two 3-element monsters.
  • Rare Monsters can be produced by breeding failure, a process in which a breeding combination produces one of the Monsters that were used for breeding, which includes combinations that were never successful in the process and end up creating unexpected results that players will find either surprising or disappointing.
  • Breeding rare quad element monsters will be difficult, as they have a low chance to result from a combination of a quad and a triple or double element, and there is no possibility to get a result from a quad and a single element.
  • When there is a Triple-Element Rare promotion that occurs, the possibility of rare monsters appearing will happen in the form of breeding failure. To do this, avoid using light wishing torches, as they will give players a common quad-element monster.
  • The breeding time of a rare monster is 30 minutes longer than that of a common monster.
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What to Feed Rare Monsters

Rare monsters require 4 feedings to reach maximum level, making feeding them a little nuisance. Increasing a monster’s level will help increase the amount of coins collected and earned. The food that Rares need is the same as that needed by their common counterparts.

And that’s how to breed rare monsters in My Singing Monsters. If players like this guide, be sure to check out our other My Singing Monster-related articles and guides.

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