How to Defeat Mimosa in Hi-Fi RUSH – Boss Fight Guide

Learn all of Mimosa's attacks and strategies to defeat her.

Hi-Fi RUSH Boss Mimosa cover

Mimosa is one of the bosses that players must face in Hi-Fi Rush. She is the head of marketing and public relations of the Vandelay Corp. Despite being a very posh and stylish character, Mimosa does not shy away from getting her hands dirty, that is, of course, with the help of her army of assistants.

Read ahead as we look at Mimosa’s moves and attacks and share some tips and strategies on how to survive and win the fight.

How to beat Mimosa in Boss Fight Hi-Fi RUSH

Mimosa’s boss fight is divided into three phases, with some intermediary fight segments within the transitions.

Mimosa has a special dress that lets her hover in the air and protects her from taking damage. This dress has to be disabled first by destroying it, which would make Mimosa fall to the ground. The dress will only be disabled for a few seconds before it goes back up again. The dress also slowly regenerates its durability when it is not taking damage.

Mimosa Phase 1 Attacks – Verse 1

  • Wide Slash – Mimosa lands on the ground and a wide range cone appears on the ground. On the third beat, she will do a wide slash. To avoid this attack, it’s better to move far away from the reach of the cone rather than moving to the side as Mimosa can still turn around while preparing this attack.
  • Note Strike – Mimosa sings four notes that hover around her. These notes will then flare up and get thrown towards your direction. Pay attention to the timing of the flare ups to know how to parry them.
  • Slap – The boss spreads her dress’ wings and grabs Chai if he’s within melee range. Once caught, she will do three slaps across Chai’s face. Pay attention to the wings and run away if they are fully opened to avoid getting caught.
  • Laser Strike – The boss summons four light orbs around her. Immediately after the fourth orb is summoned, each orb will fire a laser at you. Unlike the Note Strike, you won’t see a flare up, so prepare to parry the lasers right away. No need to worry about remembering the timing as the timing will be uniform across the attack.
  • Dash – Mimosa will dash towards your direction. Side step away from the line of dash.

Mimosa Phase 2 Attacks – Verse 2

During this phase, Mimosa will turn the lights off on the stage and summon her assistants. There will only be spotlights that will tell you where the boss or the assistants are. Using the magnet grab will be helpful in easily getting close to where the enemies are. Try magnet grabbing towards where the spotlights are to find Mimosa and deal damage to her.

  • Vandelay Side Story – Mimosa summons more assistants on both sides of the stage which slowly walk towards the center. Once they’re close, they will use their flamethrowers to fill the center stage with flames. Try luring Mimosa out of the center or simply jump out to safety once you see range markers on the floor.

Mimosa Phase 3 Attacks – Verse 3

Before starting this phase, Mimosa will challenge Chai to a dance off. In this mini game, you’ll need to press the right buttons as they cross the bar. You’ll see a bar on top of the screen which will show who the fans are in favor of.

The more correct buttons you press, the more score you gain on your side. You’ll have a lot of turns to gain the favor to your side; as long as you have a better score than Mimosa, you’ll win the minigame.

  • Equalizer Wave – Mimosa will trap Chai in a room where damaging waves will roll towards the screen. There are two orbs on both sides, but each of their armor needs to be damaged by either Peppermint or Macaron, depending on the prompt. Your objective is to destroy these orbs while jumping over the waves to get out of the room.
  • Disco Ball – The boss will summon a disco ball in the middle of the stage. It will shoot out lasers as it spins. The area directly underneath the disco ball is safe, so you can stand there while dealing more damage to Mimosa.

Once Mimosa’s third health bar has been depleted, you’ll enter a final showdown against her. You need to do two successful parry rounds against her so that you can land the final blow and win the fight.

Hi-Fi RUSH Mimosa Tips & Strategies

  • To deal with Mimosa’s dress effectively, use Peppermint whenever possible as she can aim at Mimosa even if she’s up in the air.
  • Equip the chip that allows you to call on Peppermint faster.
  • Using the magnet grab will help you catch up to Mimosa faster even if she’s in the air.

Check out this video by Fraubo_ showing how to defeat Mimosa:

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