How to Get the Turtle Shell in Sons of The Forest

Where To Find and How To Use The Turtle Shell

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Sons of the Forest features a collectible and usable turtle shell. Since it typically appears in the vicinity of mountains or forests, obtaining it will be difficult. Read on and find out where in the game to get your hands on this mysterious item, as well as how to put it to good use.

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Where to Find the Turtle Shell

Players can get these shells by killing sea turtles that spawn near the game’s coastal regions. Players will need to utilize a melee weapon to kill any turtles they come across. After that, you can collect its carcasses, which include its shell. Also, these turtles typically spawn in large groups, making them easier to find along nearby coastlines.

Uses - Turtle shell - Sons of The Forest

How to Use the Turtle Shell

in The Forest, Rainwater is essential to the player’s survival, and this strange shell can be used to store it. Not only that, but the shell¬†may be used as a sled to help players get around the snowy environment more swiftly. However, in the Sons of the Forest, the shell is used for nothing. Sadly, that is true as now there are no current users for the turtle shell and it is expected in future updates that there will be some new material to be crafted from it.

And that’s our guide on where to find Turtle shells in The Sons of The Forest. Feel free to check out our other Sons of the Forest-related guides as well.

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