How To Start Your Journey Towards Professional Gaming

With a 16-year-old recently winning $3 million in a Fortnite tournament, it’s fair to say games are now much more than just a simple time waster. It’s been like that for quite a while and younger population knew it all along but professional video gaming infiltrated mainstream lives and media so much that even “older” people have started recognizing it as a sport and video games started being broadcasted on big television programs. Many jokingly say that Korean national sport is esport but that is not all that far from being true. You can make a living playing video games. In South Korea and, recently, the USA and even some countries in Europe, you can earn scholarships and enter prestigious colleges just by playing games.

Now here is a tricky part because not everything is that simple. As with anything else, when something becomes that popular, people eventually become really good at it and so, for a long time now, esport elevated gaming well above having a casual fun couple of times a week. True, you can make serious money playing video games but you also need to put in some serious work. Things some players can do on a professional scene can seem straight-up impossible for the average gamer who only plays for fun but that is because they put numerous hours into actual training.

Now, depending on a game of your choice, or a genre overall, different skills are required. Where some games are slowly paced and require only thinking, akin to chess or poker, other games can be much more demanding in terms of your skill with mouse and keyboard, your accuracy, speed, hand-eye coordination, etc. If you opt to play a real-time strategy, like StarCraft, a MOBA like LoL or DOTA, you would need to be able to click your mouse precisely where you want up to a couple of hundreds of times per minute, among many other things.

If you are into competitive shooter games like Fortnite, first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, etc. be prepared to practice your aiming hours every day. While gear does not make someone a professional, having a high-quality mouse, keyboard, monitor, good internet connection, and a powerful PC is certainly a plus and, with some games even a necessity. Now, considering you’ve bought yourself an acceptable machine and are not wasting time playing teen sex games, you can begin your training.

Each game has specific requirements but, for first-person shooters you will often concentrate on tracking, flicking, remembering the pattern for the recoil of your gun because it is not random most of the time and then just practicing. While there are many better and more comprehensive guides out there, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind before you go on. Lower mouse resolution is ‘usually’ better than higher. Watch videos of professional players while learning. Invest your time in practice, don’t get lost playing free online porn games and remember to have patience.