Hoyofest 2023 PH Experience

The biggest miHoYo event has arrived in the Philippines!

hoyofest hoyoverse 2023 philippines

MiHoYo has gone bigger than ever as they celebrated one of their biggest events in Asia, Hoyofest 2023. This event is hosted in various countries across Asia, and this year, it was the Philippines that had the honor of hosting this spectacular event at SM Megamall. The event attracted the best gamers, fans, and even cosplayers to participate. Sirus Gaming had the privilege of being part of this remarkable experience.

Hoyofest 2023 PH Experience

Hoyfest is an event dedicated to celebrating and promoting the biggest gaming titles developed by miHoYo. Games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Tears of Themis, Honkai 3rd Impact and even the upcoming game to be released next year, Zenless Zone Zero were featured in various booths. Each of them presented various updates and big announcements that shook the core of gamers and fans in the Philippines. As a fan of Honkai Star Rail and other miHoyo games, I was astounded by how huge the crowd was and how deeply invested teens and young adults were in the games developed by the company.

With many cosplayers and gamers attending Hoyofest 2023, the feeling around the event was somewhat overwhelming. With numerous freebies being given away and merchandise being sold, many people can’t get enough out of it and are dedicated to seeing this event through to the end.

As stated, many games were presented throughout the event, but one game has caught my attention and that is Zenless Zone Zero. For those who don’t know what this game is, Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming game developed by miHoYo game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic futuristic metropolis known as New Eridu where mysterious creatures known as Ethereal have wreaked havoc and a group of survivors have formed a coalition to take them down.

For only half a minute, we managed to play test the game and I was overwhelmed by how well-developed it was even though it was a demo version. The gameplay is similar to Devil May Cry and Honkai 3rd Impact combat engine where performing combos and switching towards the right equipment is necessary in order to overcome powerful enemies. Expectations towards the game’s release really piqued me and hope to get to play this game soon on either my phone or on my PC.

With every MiHoyo-related experience being shown in this unanimous event, Pinoy gamers and fans should come and experience this event as it will last until October 29, 2023. My only advice for newcomers is that they should head to Megamall as early as they can because the line is very long and it might take at least an hour or two to be able to see what Hoyofest 2023 has to offer.

Hoyofest 2023 PH Experience