Inked Now Launched On Steam Celebrates With New Awesome Trailer

Inked hero

The hand-drawn puzzle game Inked is now available on the Steam platform with a new trailer to celebrate its release. Somnium Games shows the game creation process.

Inked new trailer features making

Somnium Games talked about how they created the game and featured its design and art. They show how the main protagonist, the Nameless Hero was brought to life and how he was first drafted.

The game features an ink-and-pen art style and follows the story of the Nameless Hero. This guy journeys throughout the world to find his lost Love accompanied only by the occasional narration as text written on the page of the world. Players will have to solve puzzles here and there with the feature of manipulating objects in the world to assist in the puzzling process. These also help the Nameless Hero on his long journey.

The game was recently released on April 26 and has a price tag of $19.99. Those who will purchase the game on May 2 will get the advantage of a 10% discount off the price tag, a digital art book, and original soundtrack.

Check out the launch trailer below:


Check the Steam page here.