Japanese Triple-A Exclusives Coming to Xbox in the Future

More top-tier RPGs developed by Japanese studios soon!

The Xbox boss revealed that players can expect to encounter Japanese triple-A exclusives in the future for the Xbox consoles.

In an interview with Japanese gaming media outlet Game Watch (via VGC), Xbox chief Phil Spencer was asked if Xbox will get “uniquely Japanese AAA titles such as Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon,” instead of just getting Xbox versions of Japanese games that got released on PlayStation or Switch.

Spencer was asked if it was difficult for Xbox to meet these expectations from Xbox players, he then answered: “Not at all, I think you can expect that.”

“In fact,” he continued, “we released Hi-Fi Rush in January 2023. It may not have been a major title like Blue Dragon, but it was certainly high-quality.

“There are also Japanese game creators who are part of Microsoft Game Studios, and while there are titles we can’t announce yet, we are currently developing new games in collaboration with Japanese companies.

“With further growth, including first-party and third-party, I believe you can look forward to the arrival of even more Japanese titles in the future.”

Xbox Corporate Vice President Sarah Bond said the same thing way back last year when she was asked with the same question during an IGN Japan live stream. She revealed that Xbox has over 250 developers in Japan developing games for the company right now. 150 of them already shipped and 100 of them are in Game Pass.

Bond also confirmed that there will be more games coming in the future.