Jett: The Far Shore Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Explore the planet while not getting aggressive against locals.

The Jett squad has recently released the first gameplay trailer of upcoming video game Jett: The Far Shore.

The newest trailer introduces gameplay that players will expect in the game. They will take on the role of Mei, an interstellar explorer who is part of a team hoping to find of home for their civilization. They will have to drive a ship that will go around this mysterious planet and scout the landscape to find out if it is habitable.

Players will need to navigate through the many landscapes on the planet without getting detected by dangerous threats or at least escape them when they are pursuing Mei. The goal is to explore and not fight against the locals.

Mei and her fellow scouts try to persevere through obstacles in their quest to establish a peaceful home for their people against heavy odds.

More details will be shown in the coming weeks. Jett: The Far Shore launches later this year on PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Here’s the trailer: