Judgment Possibly Getting New Sequel Announcement Next Month

The spin-off video game Judgment is possibly getting a sequel with the few hints laid out by game developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.


A new website was recently discovered today and it clearly says Judgment Day. This appears to be a big announcement since it shows a timer above the phrase and the schedule for it, which is May 7, 2021 at 7AM PDT. It also plays a clip, which looks quite familiar from a Judgment cutscene. It also seems to be not a port of the original since it does not show any platforms anywhere and it looks to be hinting a new game. Everything just screams it to be that.

There seems to be some giveaways on Twitter too by the game studio. There are other posts on RGGStudio’s Twitter account that show clips from the game, but it seems to be new and have not appeared in the game. (Fans of the game, please confirm on the comments below.)

With the release of the PS5 remaster, this seems to be a big possibility.

Is it possibly a sequel? Or maybe a port of Judgment for PC perhaps since it is still not available there? What do you guys think? Tell us on the comments below!