Kirby: Star Allies New Trailer Suggests New Dream Friend Joining Soon

Kirby Star Allies Gooey

Game publisher Nintendo recently released a new Kirby: Star Allies trailer showcasing a new character. This new ally is a Dram Friend called Gooey.

Kirby: Star Allies introduces Gooey

A new wild and funny looking character will join Kirby in his new adventures in his latest video game on the Nintendo Switch. Gooey will be a new Dream Friend that will join the others like Rick, Kine, Coo, and Marx. All of them will be available in a free update on March 28.

Gooey looks like a cute blue ball with googly eyes and has a weird smile drawn on his face. He also puts out his tongue and uses it to scratch his head.

Check out the character trailer below:


Official website here.