Kirby’s Dream Buffet Release Date Announced

More details about the three modes and unlockables below!

Nintendo has recently announced the official Kirby’s Dream Buffet release date and shared more details.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Release Date and Price

According to the new video that was shared on the official YouTube channel, the Kirby’s Dream Buffet release date is Wednesday, August 17, 2022. Its price tag is only $14.99 and pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop. Buying it online can let players earn up to 75 Gold points.

Three Different Modes

There will be three different modes to choose from in this upcoming game. The English trailer showcased these modes which are Race, Minigame, and Battle Royale. Each mode has the winning condition of eating the most strawberries and other rare snacks around the maps. It seems that the main focus of the game is letting them gather strawberries to make Kirby grow large as quickly as possible without getting trapped or falling into pitfalls in Battle Royale mode.

Copy Abilities

The Copy Abilities of Kirby in this game are unique too. Eat special snacks everywhere in the game to obtain the Food Copy Abilities. There are abilities like the Cupcake Tornado, Gummy Worm, and Doughnut Wheel.

Unlock Content

Players can earn in-game currency by winning and using them to unlock skins and cosmetics. They can also unlock special starting line cosmetics and new stages depending on how many strawberries they can collect.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet will launch on August 17, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.