Kojima Productions to Continue Creating Own IPs Only

It has no plans to work under others.

In a recent interview with Hideo Kojima, he revealed that Kojima Productions will continue creating its own IPs only and involve in other IPs.

Kojima recently spoke with media outlet IGN to talk about the studio’s upgrade and the games they are working on. They are working on the sequel Death Stranding 2 and an unknown title for Xbox collaborating with Microsoft. As he mentioned the latter, he clarified their relationship with Microsoft.

The game director explained that Kojima Productions will continue to make their own IPs only and will not be working on IP licensed from others. This means they have no plans to work under other companies for a game they are licensed to and not Kojima Productions. If they are going to work with others, it will be just like this new project they are working on with Microsoft where their studio has the license for it.

kojima productions hideo kojima

This has also proven that Kojima will not be working on any Metal Gear Solid titles any time soon. Konami has the rights to its IP so that means no future MGS games in the future.