Kojima Productions Still in Good Terms with PlayStation

Kojima Productions speak up.

Kojima Productions recently posted on social media about their stance with Microsoft partnership.

Kojima Productions Rumors

There were rumors about the exclusive partnership between Kojima Productions and Microsoft. Some even say that the studio has has already left their previous deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment. It seems that the rumors were true, but with some differences.

Kojima Appears at Xbox Showcase

Yesterday, Hideo Kojima appeared on the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase to announce that he is now working with a new game. He has partnered with Microsoft to achieve that. It seems the new game the studio is working on is cloud-based, which could “change in real-time”. Later on, he would reveal that he is working on two new games in development. He describes them as “new and challenging”.

Worried Fans

Fans are now quite worried since it seems Kojima has now jumped to another group and left PlayStation for good. They were also worried that they would not see a Kojima game on the PlayStation side anymore.

Kojima Productions Assures Fans

It’s a good thing Kojima Productions were quick to respond in regards to their new announcement of partnership with Xbox. The game studio assured everyone that their partnership with SIE is still strong and that they are just continuing to pursue work on creations for their fans. “We will explore various possibilities with games, movies, and music through platforms that evolved with time and technology.”

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No word yet on what game Kojima Productions is working on together with Xbox Studios.

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