Kojima Productions Studio Tokyo Branch Gets the ‘Cage’ Treatment

The Cage meets Kojima.

A social media post has revealed that Kojima Productions Studio in Tokyo just got a new guest visiting its headquarters and it is someone the staff did not expect.

The Cage Appears at Kojima Studios

Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima recently shared new pictures of himself together with the popular actor Nicolas Cage at the Kojima Productions Studio in Tokyo. They were standing beside the statue of the studio mascot Ludens. Kojima did not share the details of Cage’s purpose for his visit, but it was quite bizarre, but somehow it also connects to a certain event that happened a few days ago.

Nic Cage Joining Gaming Industry?

Previously, Nic Cage appeared at the Summer Game Fest together with Geoff Keighley to talk about his appearance in Dead by Daylight game. He shared some details, about his opinions of the gaming industry, and his possible appearances in other games in the future. It seems this has led to Keighley referring him to Kojima since the host is good friends with the director. Now, both have met and behind the scenes, there could be some big plans in the works.

Nic Cage Joining Death Stranding Cast??

Currently, Kojima is working on his next masterpiece, Death Stranding 2, and this series is quite known for its cameos of famous artists in real life. Some fans are now speculating that Nic’s visit might have introduced him to Kojima’s latest work or possibly he might get involved in future projects. Death Stranding 3 maybe? Who knows.

In another post by Kojima, Nic is seen putting his signature on the wall, a tradition that many of his visitors have done when they visit the Tokyo studio. Hopefully, Nicolas Cage gets more interested in the gaming industry and make more appearances in many future games. It would be quite interesting to see him use his talents in voice acting and maybe in motion capture.