Konami Files New Trademark Referring Castlevania Series

Could be related, but it's not what you think.

Konami has recently filed a new trademark called ‘Project Zircon’ and has published it today. The phrase does seem familiar to fans of the popular franchise Castlevania.

Project Zircon was applied for last week and has recently been published. This was for use in a large number of fields and that includes software for commercial video game machines.

While its usage is rather interesting, the title of the trademark is what makes it quite intriguing. Project Zircon could be referenced to an item that is commonly found in the Castlevania series, a jewel in various games. This was first introduced in the popular PS1 game Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

To be clear, Project Zircon specifically had its use for “commercial video game machines.” That meant arcade machines and other commercial prize-winning game machines. This also confirms that the trademark is not for an upcoming console game. So yes, it could be the company’s popular Pachinko machine again.

The last Castlevania console game Konami published was way back in 2014, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, the conclusion of the Lords of Shadow saga. It was developed by MercurySteam. Everyone was expecting for a sequel to extend the storyline, but it seems to have been abandoned already. Also, recently, Konami has stated that fans sharing their love for the Castlevania franchise has also inspired them and possibly might even develop one day another title. When that will happen, no one knows yet.