Labyrinth Warriors Stage 1 Guide – The Ominous Demesne Challenge | Genshin Impact

The Ominous Demesne is the first stage of the Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Event. The first stage of the event is only accessible after completing the A Tricky Situation Event Quest.

A domain shrouded in a mysterious mist. Here, danger lurks on all four sides, while deadly monsters and traps litter the area. Only valiant and skilled warriors may pass this way with any sort of ease.

This event guide includes a full map of the Stage 1 Domain floors and rooms and other helpful information to complete the challenge easily.

Maps: Labyrinth Warriors Stage 1 – The Ominous Demesne

You can check the details of the current trial zone and determine the areas you’ve explored as well as the zones around them by clicking on the minimap. When exiting a trial, you can choose “Leave for Now” to save your current trial progress. However, tread lightly, if you select “End Trial,” your current trial progress will be reset.

Map layouts may vary for different players.

Map: 1st Floor Level

Map: 1st Floor Level Labyrinth Warriors Stage 1 - The Ominous Demesne

Map: 2nd Floor Level

Map: 2nd Floor Level Labyrinth Warriors Stage 1 - The Ominous Demesne

Map Symbols and Definitions

Gate MechanismStarting area
Arrayed EmplacementSummons lower level enemies
Ferocious EmplacementSummons higher-level enemies to complete the Serious and Dire challenges.
Curative EmplacementRevives, Heals, and Team Character Swapping
Charm EmplacementDraws a charm
ChestsTreasure chest locations
Decisive EmplacementBoss Fight and final objectives

The Charm Emplacement allows players to draw a charm (known as the Shikifuda), the Arrayed Emplacement and the Ferocious Emplacement spawn enemies, the Curative Emplacement heals and revives party members, and the Decisive Emplacement spawns an enemy leader and serves as the floor’s challenge.

Each of these Emplacements has its own marker, which can be seen on the event map. In addition, a small treasure chest icon will be visible on the map to indicate which rooms contain treasure chests containing potentially lucrative loot.

How to Complete Stage 1 – The Ominous Demesne Challenge

At the start of each trial, players must select one of nine Shikifuda, which are charms that provide buffs to the player. Players will be able to select three of these for each trial, and they will have various effects such as character buffs, exploration buffs, and even Shikifuda buffs. One exploration buff clears the fog from the floor, allowing the player to see the layout more clearly, and another Shikifuda buff increases the duration of any Shikifuda charm-based barriers.

To complete the first stage of the Labyrinth Warriors: The Ominous Demesne Challenge, you must complete the following trial objectives:

  • Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Serious challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge.
  • Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.

To start the event, players will need to locate the Mystic Onmyou Chamber on their maps. They will need to select their team once they have entered the domain. Players will be able to switch between two teams of four. The first team is the Combat Team, which will be the primary group used by players throughout the trials. The second group is the Support Team, which players can choose to join during the trial. Each team must have four distinct characters.

Each Domain Trial has two floors, each with several rooms. When the trial begins, players can use the event map to locate the room containing the “Decisive Emplacement.”

The Decisive Emplacement, which summons an enemy Leader, is the challenge that players must complete in order to progress to the next floor. Once all of the Decisive Emplacements have been completed, the trial will be considered finished. For every objective completed you get the following rewards:

By exploring the domain and completing challenges, you can obtain Damaged Replicas. These Replicas can then be used to improve different aspects of Shiki Taishou’s Charm Magic via the event page. The specifics of this Charm Magic have yet to be revealed, but it appears that there will be quite a few elements to improve.

In addition to the charm drawn from Charm Emplacements, players will be able to draw a charm after completing the Arrayed and Ferocious Emplacement and the Decisive Emplacement for the first floor. Three options will appear on the screen for players to select from. If there are no charms available, the player can redraw by consuming Battered Shikifuda, which can be obtained by completing the trial’s challenges.

Players, on the other hand, must exercise extreme caution. They may come across Cursed Seals while drawing a charm, which has a negative effect.

Enemies for Labyrinth Warriors Stage 1 – The Ominous Demesne

Boss and Enemy List

BossRuin GraderRuin Grader

The boss and final objective is a Ruin Grader.

A Ruin Grader is a prehistoric humanoid war machine. Their appearance is similar to that of Ruin Guards, but they are more distorted and powerful. Energy cores have been installed in both of its legs, as if to power its massive form.

Other Possible Enemies

Enemies on Arrayed Emplacements and Ferocious Emplacements are random.

Enemy Quirks for Stage 1 – The Ominous Demesne

Level 1 – First Floor Boss

The following Attendants will provide buffs to the Enemy Leader: Cruisers should be avoided at all costs. Each Attendant boosts the Leader’s Element and Physical RES by 10%. Every 12 seconds, the Attendants will restore the Leader’s HP, with each Attendant restoring 5% of the Leader’s HP. The Leader will lose the aforementioned enhancement and restoration effects if there are no Attendants.

Level 2 – Second Floor Boss

The Stage 1 final boss fight is with a Ruin Grader. The regenerative abilities of Ruin Graders are incredible. They will recover an enormous amount of HP after 10s if their HP falls below 30%. Each Ruin Grader has the ability to trigger this effect a maximum of once.

Rewards for Completing Stage 1 – The Ominous Demesne

Trial ObjectiveAged TokenDamaged ReplicaBattered Shikifuda
Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the challenge.x40 Aged Tokens x60 Damaged Replicax60 – x80 Battered Shikifuda
Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Serious challenge. x80 Aged Tokens x60 Damaged Replica x80 – x100 Battered Shikifuda
Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge. x120 Aged Tokens x60 Damaged Replica x100 – x120 Battered Shikifuda
Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge. x300 Aged Tokens x60 Damaged Replica x180 – x270 Battered Shikifuda

Players who successfully complete each Trial will receive Aged Tokens, which can be redeemed at the Event Shop for Crown of Insight, Ascension materials, Talent Level Up materials, Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Mora, and Mystic Enhancement Ores.

This is just Stage 1 of the Labyrinth Warriors Event in Genshin Impact, here’s our complete guide for the event. You will face trials with Shiki Taishou in Inazuma’s Mystic Onmyou Event Domain during this event. Check out our other Genshin Impact Guides, and don’t forget to return every few days to complete the remaining Trials and earn more rewards!