New Switch System Update Released Today

Minor update today.

The latest Nintendo Switch System update is out now which introduces stability improvements and more.

Nintendo Switch firmware update version 16.0.1 is out now and it seems to be a minor one. It even only has one patch note from Nintendo’s support site. It says that the update features “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

Aside from the official patch notes, dataminers have uncovered some hidden ones. They say that it has updated the console’s internal list of banned words. On the Twitter post, they said that the update has rearranged the bad words list to reduce erroneous blocking and various words were added/removed in some languages.

The latest notable Switch update was version 14.0.0 which was introduced way back in March 2022. It added the feature to create folders.

It is speculated that future updates are probably minors for now.