Leak Suggesting Microsoft Planning to Slash Cut on Xbox Game Sales Debunked

Game company Microsoft has put an end to the leak. Microsoft officially denied allegations that it is slashing revenue share from Xbox Game sales.

The leak that got debunked came from a confidential Microsoft document that was released ahead of the upcoming lawsuit that Epic Games and Apple were going to be involved with. It suggested that Microsoft was going to slash its cut on Xbox Games.

According to the document, it was dated January 2021 and it was titled Microsoft Store Standard Polices and App Store Principles. It has a slide that says “all games will move to 88/12 in CY21”.

Currently, Microsoft only takes 30 percent cut of sales, which is the same as Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Later though, Microsoft issued a statement to media outlet The Verge. It stated that “We will not be updating the revenue split for console publishers. It seems they changed their minds a few months ago since the document was way back January 2021.

Some speculate that if Microsoft had continued this line of thought of doing 88/12 revenue shares for games sold on Xbox, it would be a massive loss for them. It will definitely lessen their revenue by a lot.

Thanks Eurogamer!