LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review – There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Marvel

When they say “Marvel Universe,” they really mean the UNIVERSE.

Platform Reviewed: PS4
Platforms Available: Windows, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer:  Traveller’s Tales
Release Date: November 14, 2017
MSRP: $59.99
This review is based on a review code provided by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

To fight off the time-manipulating, Kang the Conqueror, Marvel heroes from different time and dimensions are once again banding together in this action-adventure, selfie-filled, LEGO game.

TIME is the keyword here as, not only is the game about time, but the game also features another incredible roster with some of our beloved Marvel heroes in different, interchangeable costumes, from Spider-man to Spider-ham, or from Captain America to Western Captain America. It’s the presence of the Cinematic Universe designs combined with the nostalgic comic book designs that has brought a Marvel movies and comics fan like me to enjoy the game overall.

But let’s not get ahead ourselves, here are the hits and misses from Warner Bros.’ LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2.

The Misses

Camera Angles. It’s not perfect, it’s tolerable though sometimes dizzying especially during flight and going through close spaces.

Sound. This fluctuates. A lot. One moment, character’s voices are just right, then in a second, Enchantress will make an appearance and her voice is louder than everyone else’s prompting you to lower you volume, only to have other character voices sound softer. It can be bothersome, especially that everyone else is voiced in the game.

These technical glitches, however, thankfully do not overshadow the entire gameplay. These hits are still champion:

The Hits

The rosterDuh. Like its previous installment, the game keeps its huge lineup of Marvel superheroes from different comic books. Besides icons like Thor, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy gang, Howard the Duck makes another appearance, as well as Squirrel Girl Koi Boy, and definitely more. New characters, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Vulture is coming into play, and Gwenpool. Yes, Gwenpool, everybody.  As of writing, I have yet to unlock 100% of the characters, but that’s the exciting part: to find out what else is there.

The open world. Kang the Conqueror took pieces from different dimensions and placed them in one super city, calling it Chronopolis. Chronopolis is simply a combination of New York, Wakanda, the Old West, Asgard, and others. You can go anywhere in the city that’s also filled with numerous minigames and puzzles. If you’re like me who loves to collect items in the game to get to a 100% completion, then this is where you’ll be spending all your free time on. I have probably spent more time exploring than following the story, which means excellent, long hours of gaming.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is a game that will consume your hours, definitely. The world is huge, the roster is huge, and there’s so much to explore that can’t be done in just under 24 hours. This is for new and longtime fans who have been engrossed with the entire Marvel world, plus those with love for action-adventure games with a dash of LEGO humor.

I have yet to complete the game 100%, but after this, I’m going back to unlock everything else. Because half the fun is getting excited about what you know is already there, and the other half is being able to find out more.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Review
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