Lethal Company Bracken / Flowerman: how to survive & deal with them

Can you kill them or not?

Lethal Company How to Survive Bracken Featured Image

You are never safe during a salvage in Lethal Company. But the deadliest are not the most aggressive of lifeforms. Some creatures like to bide their time and strike when least expected. These ninja-like killers are known as Bracken. And if you want to survive an encounter with them, you will need to keep your head on a swivel.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can survive an encounter with the Bracken (aka Flowerman) as well as how to deal with it during a salvage run. But do keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to a Bracken.

What is a Bracken/Flowerman in Lethal Company?

The Bracken is a shy killer that prepares to stalk its prey before biting down and dragging the corpse into the shadows. This is one creature you don’t want haunting your every step in the dark corners of facilities.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the Bracken is a solitary hunter that prefers to pick prey off one at a time. In the current version of the game, you will never find more than one Bracken on a map. This is quite the opposite situation with the Coil-Heads as you can find more than one of them roaming the halls.

The mysterious creature’s preferred way of killing is a swift bite to the victim’s neck before dragging the corpse deep into the shadows.

Tip: The creature is known to leave the area where it drops its prey. It will then stalk a different part of the facility. This behavior allows a team to retrieve the body without having to look over their shoulders the entire time.

According to employee Sigurd,

“There is a debate on the genus to which the Bracken belongs. It is a bipedal vertebrate with skin the color and texture of a red beat. The name was coined for what appear to be leaves protruding from its upper spine. The purpose of these is believed to be for intimidation, however not much is known about the specifics of bracken behavior due to its illusiveness and low population.

We know a little from accounts by wildlife experts who have encountered it. [It] is a lone hunter with high intelligence, its behavior can seem aloof; it exhibits high aggression even when unprovoked, yet it quickly backs off when confronted. However, brackens are known to up their hostility when cornered or simply watched for a long time. For this reason, it’s recommended to keep an eye on it but not to stare it down. No specimens have been collected dead or alive. It’s theorized that upon death their bodies undergo a rapid decomposition process which is unique from other large animals.”

How to survive an encounter with the Bracken

Surviving an encounter with a Bracken involves looking over your shoulders at all times. This is best achieved with a team watching each other’s blind spots. A Bracken will stealthfully enter the scene with little or no hints that they are in proximity.

The only way to keep it at bay is to look at it for a brief moment. But do not stare at it longer than 4-5 seconds! Allow it to retreat to the shadows before moving on. The creature will then look for another route to your location. If none are found, it will shadow your movements until it finds an opportunity to strike.

Tip: If you are playing the game as a solo, the Bracken will not hesitate to kill you if you are close.

You will know if it’s about to strike if the leaves on its back start to violently shake. It will then lunge at the closest employee, regardless of whether or not it is being watched. Once it has claimed a kill, it will become emboldened to the point that will take more risks to claim its next victim.

Can you kill a Bracken?

Yes, it is possible to kill the Bracken. But it is mostly possible only when working as a team. It requires two players at a minimum: one with a zap gun and another with a swinging weapon. The current method of killing these creatures involves the team perching themselves on top of a rail and stunning the Bracken with a zap gun. The other player will then swing at it until it is dead. From players’ accounts, it will take 5-6 swings to put it down for good.

But why does the kill technique call for a zap gun? The railing is self-explanatory. The technique is the generally accepted method for dealing with Thumpers. But perching alone on the rail is not enough when dealing with a Bracken. The creature’s reach is longer than it looks and you don’t want your friend to get up close and then die suddenly.

On a final note, the confirmation of a Bracken on-site will not instantly trigger a quick retreat. It isn’t as bad as a Coil-Head near an entrance or a fully sprung Jester. You can still collect scrap for a little bit before high-tailing it out of the facility.

And that’s everything I’ve got on the Bracken. Don’t feel bad about dying to one of these sneaky SOBs. They are not choosy with their kills though newly minted part-timers will most likely panic at the sight of one during their first encounter.