Lethal Company Eclipses (Explained)

Lethal Company Eclipses Explained Featured Image

It’s not enough that almost every creature in Lethal Company is out to kill in the most horrific way possible, it seems that even the weather itself is out to get you. But that’s just another day on the job for the Company. This time around an eclipse is covering the sun, a troubling sign of heightened danger levels.

This guide will explain in detail the phenomenon of the Lethal Company Eclipse map. Specifically, the things you need to be aware of and what you can do to minimize its impact on your mission.

What are eclipses in Lethal Company?

The Eclipse map is a random weather occurrence in which another moon blocks the sun, effectively ushering in conditions present in the night maps. In the case of most planets that would be the immediate introduction of nighttime creatures such as eyeless dogs and forest giants on the open map. But it’s not only limited to the outside of facilities. Creatures that would normally take time to enter via vents will be in the facility earlier than expected.

Because of the lethal nature of the weather conditions, eclipse maps are seen as some of the hardest pieces of content in Lethal Company. At least with stormy weather, a player is given advanced notice of any carried objects that are about to explode. Clearing a flooded map takes haste but there are no creatures to deal with outside. And fog maps become less oppressive once you have a solid grasp of every PoI (Point of Interest) on the map.

It should be noted that going into an Eclipse map is an active choice on the part of the crew of the ship. You are made aware of the target moon’s weather conditions as you choose it from the list of available moons. However, there are times when you cannot help but land on a moon that has bad weather. It’s times like this that you should land on any other moon that doesn’t have an Eclipse.

Tip: Contrary to what some may think, you will not owed a larger haul for going on an eclipse map. You are essentially risking more for the same amount of credits as you normally would get on a sunny day.

How is an eclipse map different from a regular map?

If you haven’t noticed the weather report on approach, you can always look at the sky and see the huge black disk covering the sun. That should be your first indicator that you aren’t on a normal map. The second is the fact that eyeless dogs and giants are now freely roaming the map the moment you set foot on the surface.

How to survive an eclipse map

To survive an eclipse map, you will need to be as stealthy as possible. And that’s just for the eyeless dogs. If you are being chased by a forest giant, you’d best be prepared to save your teammate’s life with a well-timed teleporter. It’s one of the few ways to draw them away from the ship without sacrificing anyone.

If you’ve got money to spare, you can bypass all outside threats by using the inverse teleporter. Unfortunately, that will leave you at the mercy of any creature near your point of entry. The return trip home is not something you’ll look forward to either.

The item that’ll help you out the most, in my opinion, is the jetpack. The jetpack will allow you to fly past outside enemies (provided you know what you’re doing) and will allow you to enter certain out-of-reach fire exits. You will need to be incredibly careful though. A jetpack loss almost always results in immediate firing.

And that’s everything I managed to gather about eclipses in Lethal Company. Truly, it is not for the faint of heart. But I guess if you’re looking to test your skill and luck to the extreme, then Eclipse maps are the way to go.