Life is Strange: True Colors First Official Gameplay Video is 13 Minutes Long

It showcases the usual Life is Strange formula with a new twist.

A new video of Life is Strange: True Colors has recently been uploaded and it features the gameplay.

This new gameplay video is 13 minutes long and it features the new protagonist Alex Chen who has powers that can hear the thoughts of other characters and feel their emotions. The story says that she has lived with her powers for a long time, which is a new change for the series.

The location is set in a small Colorado town called Haven Springs. It features Alex going through the records store that is owned by Colorado State Park Ranger Ryan who she runs into. She also gets to see the Before the Storm and now upcoming DLC Wavelengths character Steph Gingrich. They introduce each other, but turns awkward afterwards.

The gameplay is the same as previous titles like decision making, dialogues, investigation, and more. It is your typical Life is Strange game, but with the new mechanic of hearing thoughts and experience emotions.

The first Life is Strange: True Colors official gameplay video offers a small glimpse of what to expect on the full game experience.

Life is Strange: True Colors launches on September 10, 2021 with DLC Wavelengths coming on September 30 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with Nintendo Switch at a later time.