Light Fall 2D Platformer Celebrates Release With New Trailer

Light Fall travel

Game company Nintendo recently released a new trailer for Light Fall after its recent launch.

Light Fall details revealed

The game features the story of a young boy from Numbra. This is a land where darkness overcomes the light and it is always dark. The boy searches for a way to save this forgotten land’s people with the help of a grumpy owl companion named Stryx.

The boy has the power to control the Shadow Core, which is a magical box that can create platforms. This will help him navigate through the wide chasms and gaps of the dark world.

The challenge of this game is its feature of making players alert at all times. Another challenge added is the Speedrun Mode. Players can revisit Numbra to race through the levels of the game as fast as they can.

The game is now available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Check out the launch trailer below:


Check official website here.

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