Little Devil Inside World Map Detailed in New Trailer

The World Map looks really interesting and interactive!

Neostream Interactive Inc. has recently released a new trailer that details the Little Devil Inside World Map.

In the trailer, players are given a glimpse of how the world map works in the game. It is a dynamic, miniature-like representation of the world of the game and has a tilt-shift effect. Players will be encountering different events when they travel in the world map travel view. They are times that they are forced to engage, but there are others where they can opt to just avoid the whole situation.

little devil inside

There are some situations that it will be just simple interactions that can solve the problem like clearing up a road block or refueling the vehicle at a gas station. There are also some battles that will need to zoom in to encounter real-time gameplay. Players will have to use real-time actions this time around.

The best part is that players are free to roam around the world map as they please. They can go explore on foot, ride a horse, vehicles, or a train.

There is no fast travel in this game. Gameplay is not about leveling up as fast they can or speed running but more on touching the player’s emotion that will allow them to taken in the various atmosphere. Currently they are working on how to make the transition between world map travel view and real-time view as smooth as possible.

Little Devil Inside launches in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.