Livelock – An Upcoming Good Looking Top-Down Shooter

Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Tuque Games announced Livelock – a fast-paced cooperative top-down shooter combining intelligent action and unique characters. Livelock will be launching in 2016 simultaneously for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.

Livelock transports players into the 22nd century, the age of the machine. Nearly a century after the cataclysm, humanity is on the brink of survival. Clusters – groups of corrupted machines control what remains of the earth, fighting each other in an infinite war over resources that now threatens the very planet itself. Players take control of a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded to large mechanical body. Armed with a unique arsenal of weapons and special abilities, the Capital Intellect must fight the corrupted machine Clusters and break the cycle of an infinite war, before humanity is forgotten in the annals of history.

Watch the first trailer for Livelock spotlighting Hex, the first of three playable characters:

Launching in 2016, Livelock is the first game developed by Tuque Games and published in partnership with Perfect World Entertainment. Livelock will be the first buy-to-play game to join Perfect World Entertainment’s portfolio of free-to-play titles including Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, PWI and more. Tuque Games initially announced the game as World War Machine prior to partnering with Perfect World Entertainment and has since made development adjustments to focus on delivering a quality co-operative shooter experience.

“As a publisher, our focus has always been to work with quality developers and games. Games that we, as gamers, would enjoy playing,” said Yoon Im, senior vice president of publishing and platform at Perfect World Entertainment. “Tuque Games has been an amazing partner as we both crafted Livelock into an excellent pick-up and play top-down shooter for single players and friends playing online.”

“As a small team we had a wild vision to make a post-human game that thrusts players into a worldwide battle with carbon-shattering destruction and sharp combat,” said Jeff Hattem, executive producer and creative director at Tuque Games. “Perfect World has been an outstanding partner as they helped us grow our initial idea even beyond our own imagination.”

Catalyst Trailer Features All-New Gameplay

A trained soldier, skilled fighter and born leader, Catalyst rounds out the Capital Intellects inhabiting the battle chassis known as The Few. Pre-cataclysm, Catalyst was a member of the Armed Forces, carrying on her family’s legacy of military service. Her functions in battle are enabled by a small squad of combat drones she commands. Though the Earth’s battlefields have changed, a new war wages across its surface and Catalyst seeks to uphold the honor of her family.

Watch the Official Catalyst Reveal trailer here:

Livelock is a fast-paced cooperative top-down shooter based in a post-human world where machines are waging an infinite war against each other. Livelock will launch in 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.