Lost Judgment New Gameplay and Images Revealed in Latest Livestream

Dective Skills, Combat Skills and more are needed!!!

Developers’ Notes:

In a recent livestream made by Famitsu, new gameplay video of Lost Judgment, the sequel to the Yakuza Spin off series, was recently uploaded featuring a sneak peek of the story as well as mini games that can played as well within the game.

According to the developers, they are pleased with the CGI quality of the game not to mention the fact that they thanked the fans for allowing them to make another Judgment series and hoping they will continue to do so.

The combat system of the game according to SEGA has vastly improved in terms of control and locking on. Not only that, the amount of environmental usage of objects are unlimited and can be used in different ways to survive the game. Not only that, the characters in the game will be very distinctive as we get to know more on the who’s who of victims, allies and suspects as the detective skills of Yagami will be put to the test in the game.

Here are the new images:

Mini Games

In the world of Lost Judgment, detective skills are not only needed to surive but also doing mini games will contribute in improving your skills. According to the published information about this work, it seems that other mini games that can be played in youth dramas such as robot contest-like, motorcycle racing game-like, and skateboard-like are prepared. Naturally, it seems that the quality of play will be completely different.

According to FAMITSU, “Even though it is a studio work like Ryu Ga Gotoku, which has many play spots in the city and has a lot of play, it feels like “Do you want to increase it yet?” Not only the parts that play a key role in the game, such as the main story and the battle system, but also this abundant youth drama seems to be quite entertaining.”

Lost Judgment will be released worldwide on September 30, 2021 worldwide for the PS4 and the Xbox. Fans will be delighted and excited for the fact that a new Judgment game will be released. For more info fans can tune in and subscribe to their YT channel or their main page.

Source: Famitsu (translated)