Lust from Beyond M Edition February Release Date Revealed

The demo is also out for those interested

Developer Movie Games has announced a release date for the M-rated version of their survival horror game, Lust from Beyond. The game will release on Steam, and GeForce Now on February 10th, 2022 priced at $17.99 / €14.99 / ¥62, with a 10% launch discount.

A demo of the game has been released on Steam and

What is Lust from Beyond M Edition?

Lust from Beyond: M Edition is first-person Lovecraftian survival horror game, with beautiful visuals inspired by Giger and Beksinski. The game offers a dark, provocative story told within a gameplay varying between exploration, combat, sneaking, puzzle solving, and interaction with NPCs.

Players take control of Victor Holloway, an antiquarian tormented by visions of a sinister land, where there’s no difference between pain and pleasure. To unravel the true meaning of your dreams, you join the esoteric Cult of Ecstasy.

Lust from Beyond M Edition Difference

The base version of the game was rated Adult Only due to its explicit content. Despite its limited visibility, the game recouped its production cost within 72 hours and became a cult hit.

The M Edition is the same game tastefully tailored for a wider audience. M stands for the new Mature rating, but also for the many motifs of the Lust universe. The omnipresent Mystery, the iconic Masks, and overwhelming Madness.

The M Edition contains the following changes from the Adult Only edition:

  • Some models have been changed to tastefully cover nudity while staying faithful to the themes and setting.
  • Some scenes have been rearranged to keep their meaning but reduce the explicit factor.
  • Some animations and scene framing have been changed to meet the Mature rating requirements.


  • New, more accessible version of the fan-favorite Lovecraftian horror.
  • Focused on the beloved story and gameplay, with less shocking content.
  • Story told from a cult member’s perspective.
  • Run, hide, sneak or fight using survival horror mechanics.
  • Setting and style inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksiński.
  • Meaningful choices and elements of RPG-like progression.
  • Mind-bending puzzles to test your wits.
  • Sound recorded on-location in derelict period buildings.

Source: Press Release

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