Mafia Definitive Edition Guide: Post Card Cars

These post cards are more than just pretty pictures

The Post Card cars requests in Mafia Definitive Edition is a mission that becomes available after the ‘Fair Play’ story mission. Lucas Bertone is the point man here. You can head straight to his auto service station once the mission’s over. Well, during Free Mode, that is. Bear in mind that Lucas doesn’t interact with Salieri’s gang directly again after the mission, unlike the original game.

So, the deal goes like this – Lucas and his associates locate a car, and it’s your job to find it. You don’t necessarily have to steal the car to own it. Opening the garage is enough to add that car to your garage fleet.

Final note – there are 5 cars in total. But you don’t get all in one go. More cars get added as you progress through the story of Mafia.


Location: The Vevoda Motel, North County, Lost Heaven

Hint: Nice place, try the fish. Their specialty is electric eel.

How to find it: The Disorder is located at an unmarked location on the map. The Vevoda Motel is located slightly East of Fryer Dam. As for the car itself, it is located North of the property, inside of an outdoor garage. You can either open the garage from the front or go behind the building and open the back door. Either way is fine.

Lassiter V16 Appolyon

Location: The McCloud Mansion, Beech Hill, Lost Heaven

Hint: Neighbors just got a new toy. Take a look around.

How to find it: The first thing you must do is to locate the McCloud Mansion. Using the post card as a reference, it is easy to find the mansion on top of the hill on the eastern most side of Beech Hill. From here, the post card’s hint comes into play. Across the street, you will find a white garage beside a neighbor’s house. That’s where you’ll find the Appolyon.

Just remember to take care of the guy guarding the damn thing. Punches or bullets, it’s up to you, chief.

Flame Spear

Location: Central Island, Lost Heaven

Hint: Construction is booming, get yourself a piece of the action.

How to find it: The initial place to start looking for this car is by the Marshall Bridge, close to the harbor. You’ll want to survey the skyline and use the post card’s hint to locate a construction crane. Make your way towards the said crane. Somewhere near the alley beside the construction zone, you’ll find a garage. Open the garage to unlock the Flame Spear.


Location: Central Station, Lost Heaven

Hint: The workers in the freight yard have a strange sense of humor. Good luck finding your way around.

How to find it: From the entrance of the Central Rail Station, head to the North-East corner of the block. If you see a bunch of cargo boxes near a gate, you’re there. Climb the boxes until you’re inside the property. Navigate the maze until you spot the side of the building. Don’t worry if can’t figure it out right away. The maze loops around itself, so you’ll quickly find your way if keep note of where you’ve been.

Once inside, the Manta is just sitting there. Open the storage unit, and drive her out to the streets.


Location: The Waterfront, Downtown, Lost Heaven

Hint: Bring a piece. And your wits.

How to find it: After arriving at the Waterfront, you’ll first want to Horse and Rider statue. From it left side, facing the player, you’ll be heading to the back until you come across a white brick building with wooden boards covering a passageway. Open the door, and make your way inside the building.

It might not be obvious at first, but you’ll eventually realize why you needed to bring a gun along. Stacks of destructible boxes block the way on top of cargo boxes. You’ll need to destroy them to open the path.

Once through the passage, you’ll find the Transtenberg inside a room with a combination puzzle. You’ll have to pull the switches in the right order to get the door to open. It’s not overly complicated, there are only so many combinations to try out. Once the circuit’s complete, the door will open, and the car is yours for the taking.

That’s it for the post card cars in Mafia Definitive Edition. Not too complicated, yet can’t really call it a walk in the park either.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is already available standalone, and is also part of the Mafia: Trilogy on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Read our full review here.