Major Nelson Interviews Phil Spencer, Todd Howard and Pete Hines about Bethesda Acquisition and More

Microsoft’s Major Nelson recently interviewed Xbox Head Phil Spencer together with Bethesda’s top executives Todd Howard and Pete Hines.

The interview was mostly about how Microsoft was happy that Bethesda has become part of the team and excited to the upcoming projects they could make together with them. They also talked about nostalgic moments that Bethesda and Microsoft had in the past like the one in a certain showcase featuring Fallout 3.

Howard even shared some secrets that no one has heard of before like having parties when a certain small milestone was achieved like in Morrowind gaining double memory with the Xbox 360. He also revealed that when playing the game and sometimes it would load too long, the game was actually rebooting the console itself and was considered a “hail memory” for the development team aka a worst case scenario.

Howard also teased a bit about the most anticipated next title they are making called Starfield. He revealed that the game engine will be new and he is quite surprised that fans are still looking forward to this game despite not showing anything more other than the reveal last showcase.

Hines talked about the benefits of having Xbox Game Pass and how he actually played new games from it that he did not know about. They also revealed of possible Bethesda games coming to the service later.

The interview closes with congratulating both parties and welcoming Bethesda to the Microsoft family.

Check out the whole interview here: