Marvel’s Avengers will be Increasing Experience Needed to Level Up

Game company Square enix has recently announced that there will be changes to the video game Marvel’s Avengers particularly with XP and cosmetics.

In the upcoming March 18 update, aside from Hawkeye and the official next-gen versions, there will be changes to two features. XP will be reworked as the balance team of Crystal Dynamics have found out that the XP curve is not the same comparison like how RPGs work. They are now trying to make it like that, which means it will be harder to gain experience this time around.

Around level 25, the XP gains will spike and it will be a bit difficult. As it gets closer to level 50, it will take longer to reach higher levels. Players who have level 50 characters already will not be affected. Those who have characters who are not level 50 at this time, they are suggested to level up right now before March 18.

There will be some changes too with the cosmetics. The first step is to disable the random cosmetic items drops so that they can prepare for the change. Players will not lose anything that they have already owned, the developer assured everyone. This feature will be available later on in places like the cosmetic vendor once her store is reworked in future updates. This will also affect the random chance cosmetic rewards from completing activities and character progression. These are all temporary though and will return later on after everything gets fixed.

Here are the outfits that will remain the cosmetic vendor while the store undergoes rework:


  • Black Widow’s Dawn and Midnight 
  • Captain America’s Covert Commando and Freedom Fighter 
  • Hulk’s Shattered and Fractured 
  • Iron Man’s Midas and Gunmetal 
  • Ms. Marvel’s Detailed and Crafted 
  • Thor’s Hard Hat 
  • Kate Bishop’s Private Eye and <3  


  • Black Widow 6 and 14 
  • Captain America 6 and 10 
  • Hulk 14 and 27 
  • Iron Man 7 and 14 
  • Ms. Marvel 18 and 19 
  • Thor 17 and 22 
  • Kate Bishop 7 and 8  

Emotes that were previously level-up rewards will be added to the cosmetic vendor on March 18:

  • Black Widow Head Nod and Watch Me 
  • Captain America Salute and Let’s Go 
  • Hulk Hey and Follow 
  • Iron Man Over Here and Beacon 
  • Ms. Marvel Wave and Follow Me 
  • Thor Hey There and You There 
  • Kate Bishop’s Hey and Beckon  

Players can get the immediate reward of activating the Hawkeye’s Challenge card because the developers moved an outfit to the first slot of the activated path.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions are coming on March 18.

Source: Official Website