Marvel’s Avengers Post-Launch PlayStation Exclusive Character is Spider-Man

Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man

Game studio Crystal Dynamics announced that Spider-Man will be a post-launch PlayStation exclusive character for Marvel’s Avengers.

Despite the confusion about this character at first, it was cleared up by Crystal Dynamics that Spider-Man will be an exclusive character for the PlayStation, but it will be their take on the character. It will not be a cross-over with Insomniac’s version.

Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli will be the one to develop their version of Spider-Man for the game. They are now making sure he will have the right moves and would fight like he should, no matter which one of their War Zones he finds himself in.

With the help of the Avengers team, he will have his powers boosted. He will gain access to impressive technology available to the team like the custom web shooter-based technology from Hank Pym, SHIELD, Stark Industries, and more.

For the costumes, fans will expect Ditko and Romita’s influence in Crystal Dynamic’s version of Spider-Man. There will be some hints of design coming from other talented artists as well as a nod to their hard work.

Spider-Man will be available exclusively on the PlayStation consoles in 2021. Marvel’s Avengers will launch on PS4 on Sept. 4 and for the PS5 this coming holiday season.

Source: PlayStation Blog