Marvel’s Midnight Suns Latest DLC Comes with a Progression Bug

Either continue the bugged save or restart the whole game. Again.

marvel's midnight suns

New reports have revealed that the new Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC is causing problems for players.

Players of the popular Firaxis strategy game Marvel’s Midnight Suns are now frustrated by a nuisance progression bug that prevents them from completing achievements/trophies. For the new DLC that introduces the X-Men character Storm. The Blood Storm DLC completed the whole set of DLCs that were released, but this newest one did not fix a bug that plagued the game since the first add-on was launched.

The progression bug, in question, does not allow players to complete the achievements and will not credit them. Some report that after completing the DLCs, many if not all the content-associated achievements are not activating properly. There is currently no immediate fix for the issues as reloading saves does not work. The only apparent fix for it is to restart the whole game entirely with a new save or do a New Game Plus playthough.

It is not a rare occurrence, but it is also not affecting many players. Those who get affected are unfortunately unlucky and will have to do it all over again, like the whole game again.

Even the developers are frustrated with this issue as it has not been fixed since it appeared in the first DLC. It is even unclear if Firaxis is going to fix this problem or if they will leave it as is.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.