Metal Gear Solid Fans Are Freaking Out After Hearing This New ‘Remakes’ Rumor

Metal Gear Solid

A new rumor has been making its rounds recently online and it is related to Metal Gear Solid and the word “remakes.”

First, let me say that this rumor is based on a new mysterious Twitter account that popped out recently and posted something that fans scratching their heads. Also, this was backed up by popular leaker KatharsisT from gaming forum ResetEra.

According to the leaker, there are “several” MGS titles that are getting remakes and are in development right now. He says that there will be an announcement soon rather than later, which is why the fans are quite excited about this.

And to further make them palpating in delight, a new Twitter account just naming itself Tom Olsen sharing some very convincing pics. Check them out below.

Look familiar? These screenshots are most definitely from MGS2 because that’s the parrot Emma Emmerich had on board the Big Shell, her lab, parts of the base, and more. He even posted a recent short clip showing the big shell while riding a helicopter. The account is not responding to anyone and continues to share mysterious screenshots. This has made the fans hopeful that this is some big propaganda that perhaps game company Konami and a studio (Bluepoint probably) are going to announce something later on.

Would you want Metal Gear Solid remakes? That would be epic for fans! But it would be better to set expectations not that high and just take this with a grain of salt for now. Would be great if true though.