Metro 2033 Free to Play for a Limited Time Only to Celebrate Metro Anniversary

Steam is currently offering the original Metro 2033 free to play this weekend to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary.

The Metro franchise is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary and a sale was set up by Steam to culminate that. The original Metro 2033 is now available to download and play for free, but that will only last until March 15.

For fans interested in buying Metro 2033, the game can be bought for only $3.99 right now. There are also other titles for sale like Metro: Last Light Redux for only $3.99. Metro Exodus is currently $13.59 and the Gold Edition is $19.49. Get all three titles plus the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass for only $29.98.

This would be the right time to purchase all Metro titles for low prices. Also you can try out the original Metro 2033 for the weekend.

Source: Steam