Metroid Prime Announcement Possibly Coming Soon

This could be happening.

A reliable Nintendo leaker has recently teased that a Metroid Prime announcement could be revealed soon.

Leaker Fun_Way_6582 is not that popular as a leaker, but they did predict accurately some announcements ahead of key announcements even though they were mostly ignored by most of the community. He was one of the few individuals who leaked the big reveal of The Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom’s full title. This means he really has some legitimate information and could be giving away some of the juiciest scoops.

Recently the leaker has sent a message to a moderator of a certain subreddit stating this mysterious line: “Do you think everyone is primed and ready?” The mention of word “prime” is possibly a tease of an announcement of a game related to the word. No other upcoming game has it right now except Metroid Prime, so it could definitely be it. We may be looking at an upcoming announcement in the coming days or weeks.

Unfortunately, that is the only line the leaker shared recently and has not revealed any other specifics. It could be wrong, but this is still valuable info for any Metroid fan.